Kerpoof- Digital Animation Site

In sixth grade Language Arts, in Frederick County, students study figurative language.

LA.600.10.07f     figurative language and sensory language

As an introduction to simile and metaphor, I have the students complete “Visual Similes or Metaphors.” Each student comes up with a metaphor or simile they like, and then they are asked to visually represent the metaphor or simile. Upon completion, the students share their piece, and the class attempts to figure out the simile or metaphor being represented. Up until this point, the students have always created their learning products on paper. With the ease of Kerpoof, I think that my students will now be completing the project digitally.

I used Kerpoof to create the exemplar below.

Can you figure out the Metaphor I am visually representing?


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  1. katekennedy30
    Apr 09, 2012 @ 01:22:40

    Cute. I like this as a quick, simple use of technology. I know a lot of kids who don’t consider themselves artistic would like this a lot more than having to draw.

    Oh, and is your metaphor a three-ring circus?


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