Learning Log- Wikis


This is a wiki designed to help teachers learn about and share experiences with technology in the 21st century classroom. There are links to technology articles and free resources for teachers, along with ideas for the integration of technology into the classroom. My favorite page on this wiki is the one dedicated to the exploration of using sell phones in the classroom. The page contains ideas and software options for bringing this popular piece of technology into the classroom. It really goes along with some of the discussions we’re been having on our discussion forum. This would be a great place to head to with questions about technology integration and ways to add 2.0 tools to your lessons.



This wiki is called, Apalachee High School Media Center’s Wiki. I was drawn to this wiki because it is a media center wiki for a school in Georgia. The site was set up to share and disseminate information between the school, students, parents and the media center. There are links to the school’s website, as well as search engines for students. One of the features of the wiki I liked a lot was the “Title Shots” widget. Here the media specialist highlights a novel from the collection on a rotating basis, to elicit interest in the novels available in the library. I think that this is something I am going to do when I get my own media center. If this were my site, I think I would go a step further and allow for my students to leave comments and reviews about the novels highlighted on the wiki. This would make an interactive area for students to book talk with one another.  



This wiki, “Literacy in the Classroom 21st Century Style,” is a book review and podcast site for young adults. Here, students can review books, read other students’ reviews and the wiki even has a tool box for helping teachers develop “super creative” book reviews. I think I could use this wiki with my students. I could offer them extra credit if they go into the wiki and review a current novel, or leave comments on other students’ book reviews. In this way, my students could go to the wiki and get some current recommendations for reading. I think this would be an authentic learning opportunity, as well as the opportunity for the students to be published! This might be a good wiki to link to the wiki when I have my own media center.



This wiki, “Kids Book Club” is kept by a librarian in Texas. On this site, the students review the Texas Blue Bonnet Novels for their age group and then create digital book reviews, book trailers, and other creative projects using technology to help share their opinion on the novels. Aside from the book reviews, there are teaching activities, videos, activities and printable worksheets that can provide extended learning opportunities for young readers. I like this site because it allows the students to showcase their work to a large audience, create an authentic learning product and collaborate and share with students around the globe. I think this would be a great wiki for me to go back to and get some ideas about ways to bring technology into the modern media center. I think it would also be a great place to take my students to  get some ideas about how to create 21st century book reports. After reading and viewing the examples, I think my students will be motivated to try and out do the reviews on the site.



“Lit Source” is a wiki page where teachers of grades k-8 can share lesson plans, forms, websites and other digital sources which can help teach reading and writing. One of the things I like about this wiki is that you can take away ideas, without using the entire lessons provided. All of the materials can be downloaded and printed making this a great resource for writing ideas. Also- I was thinking that these resources would help me to differentiate writing in my room. There are resources that can be used to remediate and resources that can be used to extend and enrich. Finally, I think this would be one of the opportunities we discussed on our forum to create a more professional digital footprint by contributing to the materials on the wiki.


Social and Collaborative Media

Here is a link to my voice thread on using social and collaborative media tools in the classroom.

I chose to look at how teachers and librarians have integrated the new social networking tools, Twitter and Skype, into the classroom. Twitter can be used to share information between teachers, students, libraries and community members in concise “tweets” of 140 characters or less. Skype, an internet video chat site, can help teachers and their students connect to real human resources, around the world, for free. By integrating these 2.0 tools into the classroom teachers are helping their students to become prepared to compete in a global community.


Learning Log- iGoogle

Here is a link to my iGoogle page.

iGoogle has many applications for my current LA classroom. First, iGoogle allows for its users to organize all of our important internet sources, blog sites, and additional information in one place for easy retrieval. By opening up this one page I can navigate to all of the technology I use in my classroom on a daily basis. I can share links to tweets, connect to my blog, even get to Flikr. Cool! I can see using this as my homepage at home, not at school as we are not allowed to have a homepage. (FCPS website is our homepage) This would limit the benefit of the site to teachers in our county, but not completely.

iGoogle page


Learning Log- Goodreads

Here is the link to my Goodreads bookshelf.

I collected some of my most recommended fiction titles for on grade level sixth grade readers. I chose some of my favorite series because if a student really likes the first one in a series, sometimes I can get them reading the whole series! The majority of the titles I chose are fantasy, for some reason this genre really seems to draw my students in.

This is the first time I have used Goodreads. I was impressed how easy the site was to navigate. All the titles I entered popped up immediately, making building my shelf fast and easy. I would love to share the link to me bookshelf with my students and their parents. So often my students follow me around the media center asking for recommendations, telling me there is nothing good to read in our media center. It would be great to have this as a resource they could access anytime, not just from me in the media center twice a week.

Also- I get a lot of phone calls and emails from parents asking me for recommendations for titles appropriate for their students. I would love to have this shelf as a starting point for them. Taking it a step further, I could set up my shelf so that students, parents, and other teachers could share their reviews of my picks. STudents are always more willing to write when there is an authentic audience, so asking them to review books on-line would probably be a big draw for some of them. I think they would really buy into the notion of building my shelf as well.

Finally- I read and share my thoughts on all ten of the Black Eyed Susan novels chosen by the state of Maryland each year. I would love to have my students get onto Goodreads and review the BES novels they read. It would be a cool activity for them to complete during our enrichment period book club time.