Learning Log- Goodreads

Here is the link to my Goodreads bookshelf.

I collected some of my most recommended fiction titles for on grade level sixth grade readers. I chose some of my favorite series because if a student really likes the first one in a series, sometimes I can get them reading the whole series! The majority of the titles I chose are fantasy, for some reason this genre really seems to draw my students in.

This is the first time I have used Goodreads. I was impressed how easy the site was to navigate. All the titles I entered popped up immediately, making building my shelf fast and easy. I would love to share the link to me bookshelf with my students and their parents. So often my students follow me around the media center asking for recommendations, telling me there is nothing good to read in our media center. It would be great to have this as a resource they could access anytime, not just from me in the media center twice a week.

Also- I get a lot of phone calls and emails from parents asking me for recommendations for titles appropriate for their students. I would love to have this shelf as a starting point for them. Taking it a step further, I could set up my shelf so that students, parents, and other teachers could share their reviews of my picks. STudents are always more willing to write when there is an authentic audience, so asking them to review books on-line would probably be a big draw for some of them. I think they would really buy into the notion of building my shelf as well.

Finally- I read and share my thoughts on all ten of the Black Eyed Susan novels chosen by the state of Maryland each year. I would love to have my students get onto Goodreads and review the BES novels they read. It would be a cool activity for them to complete during our enrichment period book club time.


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